RFID Readers - Educational Video

Rfid reader installed on a forklift - watch the video and learn more

Have you ever thought about how we receive the things we use in our everyday lives? The clothes that your wearing or all the items in your home. How did they all get here? In North America and through out the world there are hundreds and thousands of warehouses. Almost everything you receive is slipped on a pallet or slip-sheet. Merchandise is shipped on trucks and in railcars and on ships and there is one thing that ties it all together. A Forklift!

Two years ago if you had spoken to the average operations manager in a major warehouse about RFID, they might have told you that they have installed rfid readers at every dock door and choke point. Considering that many of these facilities have hundreds of dock doors, the cost of implementing RFID may have challenged there ROI model.

Today things are a little bit different, after realizing that on average for every 4 dock doors there is one forklift. the industry asked why not put the reader on the forklift. It would be far less disruptive to business processes and you can read material when you move it instead of moving material just to read it. forklift mounted readers are scalable and flexible. If you added more floor space or rearranged the warehouse lift trucks would simply have to do more of what they do- move materials around the warehouse. No tearing down or reinstalling fixed readers.

An RFID outfitted forklift enables real time location and status information. This is good for reducing dead heading, managing forklift maintenance and generally reducing assent utilization and your ROI. instead of spending money trying to catch and fix problems you can monitor moves and pallet builds in real time thus reducing inspection costs while gaining inventory accuracy.

Imagine RFID data collection made so easy that no training is required. Difficulty with employee turnover become a thing of the past. What if RFID could deliver value beyond data collection? Such as guiding a lift truck driver to his next task; or automatically controlling carton clamp pressure to reduce merchandise damage. What would a company with a large budget for damaged goods think about that?

Radio frequency identification technology is showing up all over the place.......enjoy this video!

(This video is used with permission Intermec education services)

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