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RFID Technology- Educational Video


You probably heard of RFID its all over the news. global retailers shipping companies even the us government of defense are using it now to define the future of supply chain and inventory management. If you haven't heard about how this tiny technology is making big changes in the way the world identifies tracks and manages everything from, pistachios to engine parts you might want to get out more often. If you really don't have a clue about RFID don't worry this educational video will help you learn all about radio Frequency identification. After watching the video check out this 3000 word comprehensive report on RFID Tags and the practical applications of RFID.

Start by understanding what the letters really mean. R -Radio F-Frequency ID-Identification. RFID uses radio waves to transfer information from a tag where data has been stored to a reader. Readers can be attached to things like loading dock doors, handheld computers, even mounted on forklifts. With a forklift reader the driver just has to get near the boxes to know what's in them. Plus the tags not another employee tells the driver where every pallet has to go. But isn't that what we use barcodes for? Yes but RFID readers don't have to be aimed directly at a barcode they just need to be positioned near the tags. So now the driver doesn't even have to leave his seat to scan stuff. There is lots of places where RFID is just a better choice. Like conveyer belt setups. Unlike barcodes there is no worries about nit picky stuff, like which way the boxes have to face to be properly read. Its a lot like those automated  parking lot gates, if you have a tag on your windshield it can be programmed to activate the gate to open automatically. 

Radio frequency identification technology is showing up all over the place.......enjoy this video

(This video is used with permission Intermec education services)